Dear bizarre friend

If I was starting in 1995 I was working as a tv hooker. I had a mobile and clients could make an appiontment with me. I had a bizarre make up, but not a perfect one, was wearing some latex pices, vinyl or sexy underwaer. Clients stayed maximum one hour. But most of them just 10 or 15 minutes. I was trying to make some little role plays at that time. But it wasn`t really working because most of the clients where just interesting in explicite sex games. I had no fetish lovers like today. I wasn`t really happy with my job.

I had to look for more happyness. There was also a problem with a lot of clients. They made an appointment but didn`t come. So, I had to look also for an alternative for the bizarre make up. It made no sense to take time to make a bizarre make up an nobody came.

I made some experiments and I found out that a black anatomical rubber mask works very good. I made some ads with a full rubber outfit. This ads where realy great. Sudden I had completely other clients. They liked to stay for 12 or more hours, most of them minimum 2 hours. Now I could realize sophisticated bizarre rubber role plays. This job made more and more happy. All clients where trusted.
On 1999 I just had clients witch prefered heavy rubber sessions. I lost all my other clients. But this was no problem for me. I still have the same clients. They are a real dream.
In 2000 my first website went online ( ). It is a big one and the whole content is about heavy rubber.
In 2004 my first paysite went online ( rubberleila ). On this website I was showing some vids and images from real heavy rubber sessions with clients. In 2005 an other paysite went online ( xtremebizarre ). On this website I showed vids and images from bizarre nylon smock sessions mixed with latex. It was really strange but more and more users liked it. In 2006 my paysite ( bizarreleila ) went online. On this website I had a perfect bizarre make up and was wearing latex with real nylons.
Today all three paysite are offline. I was putting the whole videos without images into one website ( ).
Actually you can buy my vids on 3 different clip shops.

Since about 2012 I like it more and more to play some bizarre games in latex, plastic or nylon smocks.This is the reason why I was creating this website. You can take a look at a big content and found out how I play bizarre games.

Since 1995 I made a lot of experience. My passion is still growing. Since early summer 2014 I also have my own latex label ( ).
I was working on this goal about 10 years. A lot of latex producer don`t want realize very special clothing. They prefer usual ones. It is much easier to produce. I need a real challenge otherwise it is boring for me. I found a very good producer ( ).

So, if you visit me you can benefit from my big experience. On the other hand you can enjoy a very special and unique bizarre fetish wardrobe.