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I have been practising the FOPH's hygiene measures for years and they are part of the studio's philosophy:
The protection and health of my guests has the highest priority




My name is Leila, I am a transvestite (a man who passionately loves to wear bizarre women's clothes), 1. 85 cm tall, 64 Kg heavy and wearing dress size 38.
I see myself as a bizarre artificial figure. Wear a bizarre latex woman mask or a special silicone woman mask with or without wig. It is the transformation into a bizarre being with female attributes that fascinates me most of all. Through my feminine figure this also comes fantastically to the fore.

I wear latex, heavy rubber, Pvc or a nylon smock from the 70s.

My rooms are air-conditioned.

I am dominant.

I would like to address guests (men, women, couples, TS, TV and DWT) who know what they want and know the word "sense of responsibility".

At all is not in the offer:
I don't kiss like that. I will not tolerate smoking, alcohol, Poppers, anal acticv/passiv and rimming

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5 hours for 750.
1 hour is the minimum
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The aspect of health always has the highest priority for you and me. I also attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene.

I am very imaginative and creative. Whether in the bizarre field or BDSM, I have 15 years experience.

Authenticity is important to me.


Now, my own Latex Fashion design site is online:

New Video: Bizarre latex nun 4/4  online

DVD: " Fuckmachine " and " Bizarre plastic salon " to order or download.