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Dear bizarre friend

My domicile is very descreet and very near to the city of zurich. 10 minutes from zurich main station and about 20 minutes from the airport.
If you come by car you can use some parking , also for a long time stay.

The space is about 80 m2. The ceiling hight about 3m. There`s three rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. We can play in all rooms. The bathroom and the kitchen are good for spoily games. We like to play in different rooms.

In the latex bed room there`s a latex bondage bed with a cage 200 x 160 cm , a latex sofa and a mirror front. In this room we also will talk the details from your bizarre session.

In the clinical room there`s a gyno chair, a hospital bed 200 x 90 cm and also a mirror front. I can put a black latex sheet and a black latex pillow on the hospital bed or a plastic sheet and pillow in black and white.

In the education room there`s double lifting block. Also two special and mobile latex racks.One of the latex rack can put on the lifting block. In this room there`s also a mirror front. Also some equipment such as a pillory, whips, hand and feet cuffs, collars, gags, rubber bondage straps, chains and much more.